Separating Myth From Fact – Volume 4

Welcome to the fourth post in our series which seeks to present the facts about Marsy’s Law for Montana and correct some of the misinformation that we’ve encountered. You can view our last post here.

Myth #7:  Marsy’s Law for Montana could result in more people being falsely accused of serious crimes.

No. Marsy’s Law for Montana does not change the standards by which law enforcement and prosecutors determine if there is evidence to charge a crime.  The rights delineated by Marsy’s Law for Montana affect the process after a crime has been charged.

Myth #8:  Marsy’s Law for Montana will only affect the rights of individuals in serious crimes, like sexual assault, domestic violence, and violent crimes. 

No, Marsy’s Law for Montana covers all crime, from misdemeanors to felonies.  Marsy’s Law for Montana covers crimes adjudicated by youth court and delinquency proceedings.

Please check back again soon to learn more facts about Marsy’s Law for Montana and visit our page to find out how you can get involved!