Setting The Record Straight on Marsy’s Law for Montana

We’ve recently seen some misinformation on Marsy’s Law that we feel is important to dispel.  Marsy’s Law for Montana does not contain provisions that would extend the prison sentences of convicts. Nowhere in the United States does any version of Marsy’s Law do that.

In California’s version, there was a provision that extends the period of time that an inmate has to wait before they can come back before a parole board. Prior to that, inmates would come up for parole hearings so often that it made it impossible for their victims to get on with their lives.

To be clear, Marsy’s Law for Montana does not at all affect the rights of individuals accused or convicted of crimes, it only elevates the rights of victims up to a co-equal level in the Montana Constitution.

Marsy’s Law for Montana was crafted for Montana by Montanans. Nearly 100 Montana elected officials from both political parties have official endorsed Marsy’s Law and over 81,000 Montana citizens signed our petition to get Marsy’s Law on the ballot. The Great Falls Tribune has also shown their support for Marsy’s Law for Montana.

This is an important issue with widespread support, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our detractors. We encourage you to research about what Marsy’s Law does and does not do in Montana. Additionally, your Marsy’s Law for Montana team is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have!