Sheriff Believes In Defending Those Who Can’t Defend Themselves

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill’s motto is “We defend those who can’t defend themselves.” It is that mission that has led him to become the second Georgia sheriff to endorse Marsy’s Law for Georgia.

 “One of the most rewarding and important aspects of law enforcement is our service to the victims of crime,” Hill said in his endorsement letter. “We aim to prevent crime, but when crime happens, we need to give protections to those who are hurt by it. That’s why I support Marsy’s Law. The people I arrest have constitutional rights. Their victims should too.” 

Currently, Georgia is one of only 15 states that have no constitutional rights for victims of crime. After passing the state Senate with ease by a vote of 50-4, the legislation gears up for presentation in the state House. Hill encourages his fellow members of Georgia law enforcement to join the fight in supporting and ultimately passing Marsy’s Law. 

“Protecting victims from further pain, fear and harm should be of top priority – not just for law enforcement but also for state legislators,” Hill said. “I encourage members of Clayton County’s legislative delegation to vote for Marsy’s Law when it comes up in the state House next year.”

Hill joins Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley as backers of Marsy’s Law for Georgia. Our campaign will continue to seek out law enforcement leaders for their support.