Sheriff Urges Law Enforcement Support For Marsy’s Law For Georgia

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley is on the front lines of defending victims, and he’s endorsed Marsy’s Law for Georgia because he thinks victims deserve rights equal to those enjoyed by the accused.

“In law enforcement, we aim to prevent crime from happening in the first place, but when someone does break the law, we quickly move our focus to serving justice,” Jolley wrote in his endorsement letter. “That means apprehending the suspect and protecting the victim from further harm. We’ve all seen the terrible trauma that victims or their families suffer in the aftermath of a crime. It takes time and care for those wounds to heal. Safeguarding the innocent is one of the most rewarding elements of our jobs, and that’s why I encourage sheriffs from around Georgia to endorse Marsy’s Law.”

Currently, Marsy’s Law for Georgia has passed the state Senate by an overwhelming margin, 50-4, and now moves to the state House. 

“For departments already following the law, this additional protection won’t change your day-to-day operations,” Jolley said. “I know from my experience in Harris County that victim advocates in our criminal justice system provide professional and compassionate service, and I’m sure that’s true across Georgia. Those of us who wear the badge are the first line of defense for crime victims, the people we vow to serve and protect. It makes perfect sense for us to extend our advocacy by endorsing an effort to give them equal rights in our state’s most sacred legal document.”