Supporters Standing Together For Crime Victims’ Rights In Our State

We want to thank Marsy’s Law for Maine supporters for their incredible response after a recent editorial in one of Maine’s daily newspapers questioned the need for a Victims’ Bill of Rights in Maine. Like our supporters, we found the editorial to be inaccurate, misinformed, out-of-date and frankly, a failure in the paper’s duty to its readers.  

The biggest reason we called into question the editorial is because it did not include the input or views of crime victims, who not only are the individuals most impacted by a crime, but are the individuals who will be most impacted by the much-needed and deserved equal rights Marsy’s Law for Maine will afford.  

Like thousands of Maine people and community leaders across Maine, we believe that passing the equal rights for crime victims proposed by Marsy’s Law for Maine is the right thing to do for our state. It is unacceptable that Maine is one of only a handful of states without adequate constitutional protections for crime victims.  

The timing of the editorial, while questionable on several fronts, was most unfortunate due to October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Marsy’s Law for Maine supporters were particularly dismayed by this when so many of the rights in Marsy’s Law will help victims of domestic violence, most of whom are women and many of whom are children.  

Going forward, we hope all future commentary and reporting on Marsy’s Law for Maine will be accurate and well-informed. We also expect the genuine needs of crime victims in our state to be a primary consideration.