Supporting Crime Victims Through the Holiday Season

Much has been in the news this holiday season about serious crimes in Maine and missing persons, many of whom are victims of the most serious crime of all – murder. It also has been reported that Maine has 107 unsolved ‘cold cases’ dating back as long as 40 years. Some of the cold case victims are children.

It is difficult to imagine being a loved one of a murder victim or missing person at any time, but especially during the holiday season.

The support victims have through organizations like Parents of Murdered Children, Remembering Darien, and the Maine Cold Case Alliance to name a few is incredible. Marsy’s Law for Maine offers them our support, as well, through our work to make equal rights for crime victims a reality in Maine. 

At the very least, Maine crime victims deserve to know they will be treated with dignity and respect in the criminal justice system, and as participants in their cases instead of bystanders or afterthoughts. That is what Marsy’s Law for Maine seeks to do.

Our hearts are with Maine crime victims and their loved ones this holiday season in what is an unimaginably difficult and emotional time for them. We hope together we can pass Marsy’s Law for Maine to bring them some sense of fairness, equality, and justice in the New Year.