Surf City Votes to Support Victims’ Rights Legislation in North Carolina

The coastal community Surf City’s local town council voted unanimously on November 8th in favor of a resolution to support legislation that will strengthen language in the state constitution giving crime victims an equal level of protections already given to the accused and convicted.

The legislation is part of a two-step process to strengthen rights for North Carolina’s victims of crime – first by passing both chambers of the General Assembly by a ⅗ margin followed by a statewide vote. This spring, the legislation, also known as HB 551, Marsy’s Law, passed the state House with overwhelming bipartisan support and now is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

Surf City is part of a growing movement across the state and the country – it’s the eleventh town in the state to formally endorse and support this victims’ rights legislation.  Three County governments in North Carolina have also recently endorsed as well as more than 55 of the state’s 100 sheriffs so far.

“Surf City agrees that victims should always be treated with fairness and respect and therefore are proud to support Marsy’s Law for all of North Carolina,” said Surf City Mayor, Douglas Medlin.

Voters in Ohio endorsed similar legislation this month joining five other states in recent years to formalize victims’ rights into state constitutions – making the rights of victims enforceable and stronger by law.  Once it passes the General Assembly, North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to vote on Marsy’s Law as early as next spring’s primary.