The Case of Miranda Fenner

Across the country, families are left with the devastation that follows the murder of a loved one and, unfortunately, our nation’s laws are currently failing to give them voices.

In the case of Miranda Fenner, her family has been speaking out on her behalf for nearly 18 years. Below, Sherry Fenner shares her thoughts on the time she has spent searching for her daughter’s murderer(s) and why she believes it is time for Marsy’s Law in Montana.

It has been almost 18 years since my daughter Miranda Fenner was brutally murdered. She was working at The Movie Store on the evening of November 15, 1998 when she was killed just down the street from our home.

That night changed my life and many others forever. We have received great support from the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Department but I find myself still searching for answers as to why the murderer(s) have not yet been caught after so many years. With the technology available today, we have our fingers crossed that funding and time will work in our favor soon to catch Miranda’s killer(s).

The Victim’s Assistance Program in Billings offered us support that I put to use, but that was short term and the need for extended support is extremely hard to find. In my case, grief counseling was almost non-existent. Fortunately after repeated attempts at finding someone, a doctor gave me a name. There is no doubt in my mind that, that counselor gave me the strength and determination to go on. My family and I have gone to great lengths to help all we can and will continue to do so till the convicted are behind bars.

I know that having Marsy’s Law in the constitution here in Montana will work in our favor. It is imperative that the victim’s family have a say since we are the voice of those no longer with us. I will be Miranda’s voice for as long as it takes.

– Sherry Fenner (Mother), Laurel, MT