The Life and Death of Robert Godwin Sr.

The life of Robert Godwin Sr. ended in tragedy.

But the cold-blooded murder of the 74-year-old Cleveland man by the so-called “Facebook killer” has also given the world a chance to learn about the patient father of ten.

From the media spotlight, we have learned how he taught his five daughters to fend for themselves. And about how he enjoyed simple things like fishing in Lake Erie and taking his daughters shopping.

The families of crime victims like Robert Godwin Sr. deserve the respect and fairness that comes with being granted equal rights in the criminal justice system. That’s what we are fighting for every day with Marsy’s Law for Ohio.

They also deserve to have their loved ones remembered as more than a statistic.

In this case, Mr. Godwin is being remembered as a gentle man who provided for his family and showed them his love in his own quiet ways.

We are inspired by Robert Godwin Sr.’s life and made more resolute in our fight for crime victims by his unnecessary passing. May his family find a measure of peace in reflecting on the life he lived during their time of great sorrow.