Violent Crimes In Maine Impact More Than Statistics Reveal

Latest data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicates that more than 1,700 violent crimes were committed in Maine in 2015 alone. That means there were more than 1,700 victims of violent crime in Maine just that year. When you consider most violent crimes have more than one victim, as so many people can be affected by each crime committed, the real number of victims in Maine is far greater.

It is impossible to even imagine the difficulties victims of violent crime face. Sadly, they can be re-victimized. That was the case shortly after the murder of Marsalee (Marsy) Nicholas, for whom Marsy’s Law is named. Marsy was a beautiful, vibrant University of California Santa Barbara student when she was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only a week after her murder, Marsy’s brother, Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, and mother, Mrs. Marcella Leach, walked into a grocery store after visiting Marsy’s grave and were confronted by the accused murderer. The family had no idea he had been released on bail because the courts and law enforcement, though well-meaning, had no obligation to keep them informed. 

Marsy’s Law for Maine would help change that for Maine’s many victims. As one right under the law, crime victims would have the option to receive timely notice of happenings in their case, such as the accused being released. Marsy’s Law for Maine recognizes that the victim is the individual most affected by the crime, and deserves the right to be notified of upcoming legal actions and proceedings that impact them.