Your Voices Will Be Heard In November!

Today the ND Secretary of State’s Office issued its approval for our constitutional amendment to be on the November 2016 ballot! Thank you to everyone whose hard work and support has made all the difference. From those who participated in writing the amendment, gathering signatures, and spreading the word to family, friends and neighbors – your efforts are giving crime victims the voice they deserve. 

Now it’s time to keep the momentum going! How can you help?

  • Share information on social media. Like and share our posts on Facebook and Twitter, or write your own!
  • Share the facts about Marsy’s Law for ND. Lots of misinformation is being spread by those who oppose our efforts. This “Myths Vs. Facts” document can help!
  • Write a letter to your local paper voicing your support. If you need help, let us know

Please click here to view the full text of our press release. A special thank you goes to Pam Perleberg, Jessica Armstrong, Representative Gail Mooney, Sheriff Paul Laney, and our chairwoman Kathleen Wrigley for helping articulate the need for stronger victims’ rights. 

November here we come!