Waterville Mayor Isgro Joins Marsy’s Law Efforts In Maine

Marsy’s Law for Maine is proud to have earned the endorsements of several community leaders across Maine. Recently, Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro joined our effort to bring equal rights to crime victims.

With the recent domestic violence homicides in Madison, so close to Waterville, and the current opioid crisis that has increased crime in many Maine communities, Mayor Isgro is more aware than ever that no community is immune from crime. Yet, how crime victims are viewed in the criminal justice system is inadequate in Maine. He supports Marsy’s Law for Maine because it will shift the paradigm of how we currently look at crime to also focus on the victims, not just the criminal or the accused.

Mayor Isgro is dedicated to uniting the people of Waterville behind Marsy’s Law for Maine so every citizen in his community knows that if they become a victim of crime, they will have rights and protections that are equal to the accused or convicted, and be treated with dignity and respect throughout the criminal justice process.

We thank Mayor Isgro – and all leaders who have endorsed Marsy’s Law for Maine – for caring about equal rights for crime victims in their communities. With support for Marsy’s Law for Maine in cities like Waterville and towns across Maine, we will make sure victims of crime in our state finally have the common-sense, equal legal standing they deserve.