We’ve Qualified For The Ballot, But The Real Work Lies Ahead

We did it. Marsy’s Law for Montana is qualified for the ballot this coming November! We couldn’t have done it without the hundreds of Montanans who helped us collect signatures and, equally important, we couldn’t have done it without the 50,000+ Montanans who signed our petition to get on the ballot.

Qualifying for the ballot is just the first step. Now we must work to educate Montana voters about what Marsy’s Law is and what it does. And this is where the real work comes in. We have just about six months until Election Day and that time will go fast. We’ll be using media to get our message out, but by far the most effective way of convincing voters to support Marsy’s Law is person to person contact.

So please, start talking to people. Let your friends, neighbors, and family know that you’re a Marsy’s Law supporter and tell them why they should be too. Use our website as a resource to direct people to. Spread our message through your social media channels. If you spend just a few minutes each week promoting Marsy’s Law, over the next six months you’ll touch hundreds, maybe thousands, of Montanans.

So, let’s get to work. Let’s start educating Montana voters about why they should support Marsy’s Law for Montana.