Work For Equal Crime Victims’ Rights Continues

Powerful testimony in support of Marsy’s Law for Maine was heard before the state Legislature’s Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety last week. Maine’s Senate President, the commissioner of Maine’s Department of Public Safety, legal experts, and victims of crime spoke at the committee’s public hearing. They all urged committee members to support L.D. 1168 because crime victims in Maine deserve the equal and enforceable rights Marsy’s Law for Maine finally will afford them.

The committee has since voted to carry Marsy’s Law for Maine over until the legislative session beginning in January 2018. Our work, however, will continue in earnest throughout the summer and fall.

Maine is an outlier when it comes to constitutional rights for victims of crime. Maine crime victims have less secure rights than in many other states. Maine’s crime victims deserve rights that are a permanent part of the criminal justice system. It is time their rights are recognized by courts at the highest level, and that they are given the guarantee that courts have the power to enforce their rights if they are violated.

A sincere thanks to members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee for their consideration, as well as to the many people who came out to testify last week in support of Marsy’s Law for Maine. Special thanks, also, to the thousands of people across Maine who have expressed their support for L.D. 1168. Together, we will make sure that crime victims in Maine are granted the equal rights and legal standing they deserve.