Marsy’s Law To Kentucky General Assembly: Don’t Forget About Crime Victims

For Immediate Release

March 30, 2016

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Rachel Bledsoe Albritton


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Frankfort, Ky. – Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, and Kentuckians all over the Commonwealth, are calling upon state legislators to remember crime victims before adjourning on the 2016 legislative session.

More than 1,700 Kentuckians signed a petition in support of passing Senate Bill 175, Marsy’s Law for Kentucky legislation, sponsored by Sen. Whitney Westerfield. If passed, this bill would put a Victims’ Bill of Rights on the ballot for a public vote this November. And, according to a 2016 survey by Public Opinion Strategies and Analzone Liszt Grove Research, more than 80% of Kentuckians of all political parties and demographic groups, said they would vote in favor of a Victims’ Bill of Rights if it was on the ballot.

SB 175 has passed the Senate and its assigned committee in the House with overwhelming support. Kentucky crime victims now only await a full vote in the House.  But time is running out.

House Bill 40, sponsored by Rep. Darryl Owens dealing with felony expungement has passed both chambers and is pending in the House for concurrence with Senate amendments. Let’s not forget, for every individual charged with a crime, there is a victim who is also coping with the impacts of crime. 

By passing HB 40 both chambers stood up for felons in Kentucky. We are urging the House of Representatives to do the same for Kentucky crime victims by passing Senate Bill 175 and putting Marsy’s Law on the 2016 ballot.

“Kentucky is one of only 18 states that currently has no constitutional level rights for victims. Our justice system time-and-time again prioritizes the rights of the accused and convicted, while putting the rights of victims on the backburner,” said Kristena Morse, State Director for Marsy’s Law for Kentucky. “Kentuckians all over the Commonwealth are asking our lawmakers to please prioritize the rights of crime victims before adjourning the session.”

SB 175 is now before the House for a vote.  House members are urged to call SB 175 for a vote and allow the public to pass Marsy’s Law for Kentucky in November. If they pass this bill, the public will support and follow suit. The only thing standing in the way of providing victims equal constitutional rights in Kentucky is ONE vote.

Please don’t let this opportunity to ensure equal rights for crime victims pass.