“Give Crime Victims And Their Families A Stronger Voice”

In 2008, even while it was opposed by every major newspaper in California, Marsy’s Law was passed by the people, regardless of party, by 54% of the vote. Californians had seen too many crime victim and their families revictimized, they wanted guaranteed rights. Marsy’s Law for Illinois/HJRCA-1 is on the ballot this November 4 in Illinois. We want to ensure that anyone who is a victim of violent crime in Illinois have constitutional rights, regardless of party. Because violence doesn’t care.

Give Crime Victims And Their Families A Stronger Voice

– St. Louis Post-Dispatch, By Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

When my sister, her husband and their unborn baby were brutally murdered, my world fell apart. On April 8, 1990, Robert and Nancy Bishop-Langert were shot to death in their Winnetka home. She was three months’ pregnant. Their killer was just 16 years old. I’m still rattled that this murderer came to my sister’s funeral with his parents.

As my sister lay dying, she traced a heart and the letter “U” in blood. I take that as an important message: Love is the most important thing in the world. My love for my sister, brother-in-law and would-have-been niece or nephew encourages me to lead the fight to make this world a better place.

That’s why I’m fighting to amend the Illinois Constitution.

When their murderer’s sentencing day came, I wasn’t allowed to make a victim impact statement. Having the opportunity to address the court in this manner wouldn’t have provided complete closure, but it would’ve forced the murderer to hear how he’s affected me as it went into record.

If the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights, also known as Marsy’s Law, gets approval from voters on Nov. 4, victims and their families will finally have a way to correct violations of their rights.

By voting yes, you’ll help strengthen victims’ rights in court proceedings against their offenders, allow them the right to speak in court if their rights are violated and ensure those rights are enforceable.

Please vote yes for the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights.