ICYMI: “Crime Victims’ Rights Advocates Thank Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner For Signing House Bill 1121”

Crime victims’ rights advocates applaud Gov. Bruce Rauner today as he signed HB 1121; the law became effective immediately upon his signature. This is the implementation bill for the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights constitutional amendment, also known as Marsy’s Law for Illinois. This constitutional amendment was a ballot measure in November 2014 that received an astounding 78 percent approval from Illinois voters.

“Until the passage of Marsy’s Law by Illinois voters, victims of crime had limited rights, and lacked standing to have those rights enforced,” said Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, founder of Marsy’s Law for All. “Thankfully, now victims of crime have a much stronger voice in the Illinois criminal justice system, as Governor Rauner signed the follow-up legislation that secures the new rights of crime victims and their loved ones.”

The Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights’ accompanying legislation, HB 1121, reconciles the 1993 Rights of Crime Victims and Witness Act with the Constitutional Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment adopted by the voters in November 2014. HB 1121 provides victims of violent crime with important, enforceable protections to ensure their safety and promote justice. This constitutional amendment sets forth the 12 rights guaranteed to crime victims and expressly gives victims standing to assert those rights. Unlike before, HB 1121 addresses how and when victims’ rights are to be asserted.


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