Idaho Fraternal Order of Police Unanimously Endorses Marsy’s Law and Stronger Victims’ Rights


Sept. 20, 2017

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Idaho Fraternal Order of Police Unanimously Endorses Marsy’s Law and Stronger Victims’ Rights

BOISE – Marsy’s Law for Idaho today announced it has won the support of the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, another key law enforcement endorsement in the campaign to ensure stronger rights and protections for crime victims.

The FOP board recently voted unanimously to support Marsy’s Law because crime victims deserve to have a stronger voice and be treated with fairness and dignity in our system of justice.

Paul Jagosh, Legislative Chair for the FOP said: “It makes sense on so many levels for police officers to support this campaign and its goals. Police officers are often the first person a victim meets or engages during a traumatic event. So often, we wonder how victims are doing after that initial interaction, but the business of our jobs means we must move on the next victim and traumatic call for service.

“Marsy’s Law provides officers with the peace of mind that victims, as they navigate the justice system, will be treated with the same level of care and respect that they received during that first interaction with responders and police,” Jagosh said.

The Idaho FOP is the largest police organization in the state and represents more than 1,800 law enforcement officers in 25 lodges. Marsy’s Law for Idaho was also endorsed by the board of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association in June.

Marsy’s Law for Idaho is building a broad coalition of support from legislators, law enforcement leaders, victim advocates and others on behalf of a constitutional amendment intended to strengthen and update Idaho’s rights for victims.

Sen. Todd Lakey, R-Nampa, who will be sponsoring a resolution supporting Marsy’s Law in the 2018 Legislature, said the Idaho FOP backing sends a clear message about the need to take victims’ rights to the next level.

“The Idaho FOP, like many others, understands that victims must have the chance to have their voice be heard and considered,” Lakey said. “I thank the Idaho FOP for their support and recognition that we can and should do more to protect a group of people who didn’t choose to be directly involved in the justice system.”





Marsy’s Law for Idaho is the Idaho chapter of the national advocacy group Marsy’s Law for All, which is dedicated to strengthening victims’ rights. The goal of Marsy’s Law for Idaho is to ensure the right of victims to have an effective voice in the criminal justice process. Victims are the individuals most harmed by crime and are sometimes an afterthought in our system— even though some rights are currently afforded through Idaho’s constitution and statute. A proposed constitutional amendment for victims’ rights, written by and for Idahoans, would not place any significant burden on state employees or those providing victim service support using state funds. Idaho once led the nation on victims’ rights. It was one of the first states to provide rights for crime victims. In November 1994, a state Constitutional Amendment on Victims’ Rights overwhelmingly passed with 79% of the vote. Over twenty years have passed, and more work needs to be done. In 2016, the Idaho Attorney General argued before the Idaho Supreme Court that neither the Idaho Constitution nor Idaho Statutes provided a mechanism to enforce victims’ rights (Mitchell V. State 160 Idaho 81 (2016)). It’s time for victims’ rights to be increased and strengthened in the Idaho Constitution, so Idaho can lead the nation once again.