Idaho’s County Coroners Endorse Marsy’s Law


January 11, 2018

Media Contact: Todd Dvorak, Strategies 360

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Idaho’s County Coroners Endorse Marsy’s Law

BOISE – Marsy’s Law for Idaho is pleased to add another group of elected leaders to its growing list of endorsements.

The campaign for equal rights for crime victims announced Thursday that the Idaho State Association of County Coroners has voted to support the proposed constitutional amendment.

“In our role, we’re often in a position to sympathize with the victims of violent crime,” said John Buck, Gem County Coroner and board member of the state coroner’s association. “That’s why it makes sense to get behind a campaign that is devoted to improving the protections and rights for victims who suddenly find themselves in our legal system.”

The ISACC joins other law enforcement groups and victim advocates that have thrown their support behind Marsy’s Law for Idaho. The campaign has also been endorsed by the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Idaho Victim Witness Association.

Jason Arrington, state director of Marsy’s Law for Idaho, praised ISACC for the endorsement and broadening the base of support for the campaign.

“It’s gratifying to see so many recognize the need to do more for crime victims,” Arrington said. “Idaho has been a leader on victims’ rights for decades, but there is more we can do, and Marsy’s Law is Idaho’s handcrafted solution for updating and strengthening those rights.”

Marsy’s Law for Idaho would update the Victims’ Rights Amendment approved by voters in 1994 and add new protections for victims. The version to be introduced in the 2018 Legislature would require victim notification in cases when an offender escapes or absconds probation and parole, give victims the right to confer with prosecutors and put victims’ rights on equal footing with those granted defendants.