King and Queen Buildings to Honor Crime Victims

For Immediate Release

April 6, 2018


King and Queen Buildings to Honor Crime Victims

Marsy’s Law for Georgia requested purple lights for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

In recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week on April 9-13, the King and Queen buildings at Perimeter will be lit with purple lights on the night of Friday, April 13. 

“There will be special attention this year on crime victims’ rights because voters will have the chance in November to pass Marsy’s Law for Georgia, which will elevate crime victims’ rights to the state constitution,” said Ann Casas, director of Marsy’s Law for Georgia. “This amendment passed both houses of the Georgia General Assembly unanimously and we’re now well on our way to joining the 36 other states that already have given constitutional rights to crime victims.”

“On behalf of crime victims throughout the state who have suffered, we thank the operators of the King and Queen buildings for recognizing the national and state crime victims’ rights week and bringing attention to this worthy cause.” 

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle helped lead Marsy’s Law for Georgia through the state Senate. He emphasized that the constitutional amendment provides equal rights to crime victims, because the accused and convicted already have constitutional rights.

“These simple protections give victims the right to notifications from the legal system when there are important events in the legal cases of those who hurt them,” said Cagle. “They will be told when there’s a court hearing for the accused; they will be told when there’s a bail or parole hearing for the convicted. They will get the chance to speak in court if they wish and they’ll be able to give their input to the prosecutor. For victims, these rights give them the ability to take steps to protect themselves when the person who injured them is released from custody. For some, it could mean the difference between life and death.” 

Gov. Nathan Deal has also proclaimed this week Georgia Crime Victims’ Rights Week, stating in the proclamation that “during Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Georgia citizens are encouraged to remember those who have been affected by violent crimes, while also recognizing the efforts of individual across the state who are dedicated to assisting victims of crime.”

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said providing victims the services they need is a priority for his office. 

“This week, we join our many partners in recognizing National Crime Victims’ Rights Week,” said Carr. “Our office has a long-standing practice of providing as much information as possible to victims and their families when handling criminal cases, and we will continue working to support the healing and recovery of all crime victims.”