Marsy’s Law for Montana reaction to Montana Supreme Court Ruling


November 1, 2017

Chuck Denowh: 406-239-5952


Marsy’s Law for Montana reaction to Montana Supreme Court Ruling 

(Helena, Mont.)—Marsy’s Law for Montana State Director Chuck Denowh issued the following statement in reaction to today’s Montana Supreme Court ruling on CI-116:

“The decision to strip Montana’s citizens of the crime victim rights they approved is disappointing, especially given the technical legal grounds employed by a few to detriment of many. The people of the state overwhelmingly supported Constitutional rights for victims of crime. We will continue to work to see that crime victims receive the equal rights that they deserve.

“According to the Montana Board of Crime Control, a rape occurs in Montana every 23 hours. Those who brought forward this case to Montana Supreme Court have denied those rape victims rights that voters approved by a two to one margin. Montana voters should expect those in key roles in the criminal justice process to follow the will of the voters despite this decision.”