Marsy’s Law Honored to Announce Rep. John Blanton as Magoffin County Chair

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October 17, 2017 

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Retired Kentucky State Police Major will lead the charge for crime victims’ rights in Magoffin County

Salyersville, Ky. (October 17, 2017) – Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is honored to announce the appointment of State Representative John Blanton as campaign chair for Magoffin County. Rep. Blanton, a retired Kentucky State Police Major, joins an impressive roster of Kentucky leaders who will help lead the crime victims’ rights campaign to success in 2018.

“I am honored to lend my support and serve as the Magoffin County Chair for Marsy’s Law, as Kentucky desperately needs to give crime victims the constitutional rights they deserve and a voice in the judicial process,” Rep. Blanton said. “It’s time for Kentucky to pass Marsy’s Law.”

Kentucky is one of only 15 states without constitutional-level rights for victims of crime. If adopted by Kentucky voters in November 2018, Marsy’s Law would amend Kentucky’s constitution to ensure crime victims have the right to a voice in the judicial process, the right to be present in judicial hearings and the right to be made aware of upcoming hearings or changes in their offenders’ status.

“We hear the brave stories of Kentucky’s crime victims who often feel re-victimized by the criminal justice process, simply because they lack constitutional rights,” Marsy’s Law State Director Ashlea Christiansen said. “We are grateful that Rep. Blanton understands the need for Marsy’s Law and is eager to lead the charge in Magoffin County.” 

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky has the bipartisan support of elected officials, judges, law enforcement officials and advocacy groups. Kentucky voters also strongly favor Marsy’s Law, with recent surveys showing Marsy’s law has 80% support statewide. Marsy’s Law is expected to be a priority bill for both chambers in the 2018 General Assembly.


About Marsy’s Law for Kentucky

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is an advocate-driven effort to incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution. Kentucky is one of only 15 states that do not provide crime victims with constitutional-level protections. To learn more or if you would like to sign the petition and add your “purple pin” to the map, you can do so here. Those wishing to join the coalition can do so here. Please visit, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.