Marsy’s Law For Kentucky Announces “Marsy’s Law Champions”


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Candidates for the Kentucky General Assembly pledge support for victims’ rights legislation in 2017


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (September 28, 2016)Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, the advocate-driven effort to incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution, announced today 105 statewide “Marsy’s Law Champions.” Marsy’s Law Champions are candidates currently running for state senator or state representative who, if elected, have committed to supporting Marsy’s Law legislation during the 2017 General Assembly. Marsy’s Law Champions also include members of the legislature who voted in favor of Senate Bill 175—Marsy’s Law for Kentucky Legislation—during the 2016 legislative session. 

“The support we’ve received for Marsy’s Law from candidates on both sides of the aisle is very encouraging as we move toward the 2017 legislative session,” said Ashlea Christiansen, Marsy’s Law for Kentucky State Director. “We look forward to working alongside our state senators and state representatives to bring this important victims’ rights legislation to passage next year.”

While most states provide crime victims with constitutional-level protections, Kentucky remains one of only 18 that does not. Marsy’s Law would address this imbalance by granting constitutional rights to crime victims that are on par with those given to the accused and convicted, including the rights to be present at and timely notification of all court proceedings, to be treated with dignity and respect throughout criminal justice process and to be heard and have a voice in our justice system.  

“The goal of Marsy’s Law—ensuring victims have access to a fair and impartial criminal justice system—transcends party lines,” said Christiansen. “Crime victims deserve equal rights, and we cannot let another year go by without passing Marsy’s Law for Kentucky.”

A full list of Marsy’s Law Champions is below:


Senate Members/Candidates

1.    *Senator Stan Humphries (R) – 1st Senate District

2.    *Senator Danny Carroll (R) – 2nd Senate District

3.    *Senator Whitney Westerfield (R) – 3rd Senate District

4.    *Senator Dorsey Ridley (D) – 4th Senate District

5.    *Senator Carroll Gibson (R) – 5th Senate District

6.    Stephen Meredith (R) – 5th Senate District

7.    *Senator C.B. Embry Jr. (R) – 6th Senate District

8.    *Senator Julian M. Carroll (D) – 7th Senate District

9.    *Senator Joe Bowen (R) – 8th Senate District

10.    *Senator David P. Givens (R) – 9th Senate District

11.    *Senator Dennis Parrett (D) – 10th Senate District

12.    *Senator John Schickel (R) – 11th Senate District

13.    *Senator Alice Forgy Kerr (R) – 12th Senate District

14.    *Senator Reginald Thomas (D) – 13th Senate District

15.    *Senator Jimmy Higdon (R) – 14th Senate District

16.    *Senator Chris Girdler (R) – 15th Senate District

17.    Rick Girdler (R) – 15th Senate District

18.    *Senator Max Wise (R) – 16th Senate District

19.    *Senator Damon Thayer (R) – 17th Senate District

20.    *Senator Morgan McGarvey (D) – 19th Senate District

21.    *Senator Paul Hornback (R) – 20th Senate District

22.    *Senator Albert Robinson (R) – 21st Senate District

23.    Janice Odom (D) – 21st Senate District

24.    *Senator Tom Buford (R) – 22nd Senate District

25.    *Senator Christian McDaniel (R) – 23rd Senate District

26.    *Senator Robert Stivers II (R) – 25th Senate District

27.    *Senator Ernie Harris (R) – 26th Senate District

28.    *Senator Stephen West (R) – 27th Senate District

29.    *Senator Ralph Alvarado (R) – 28th Senate District

30.    *Senator Johnny Ray Turner (D) – 29th Senate District

31.    *Senator Brandon Smith (R) – 30th Senate District

32.    *Senator Ray S. Jones II (D) – 31st Senate District

33.    *Senator Mike Wilson (R) – 32nd Senate District

34.    *Senator Gerald A. Neal (D) – 33rd Senate District

35.    *Senator Jared Carpenter – 34th Senate District

36.    *Senator Denise Harper Angel (D) – 35th Senate District

37.    *Senator Julie Raque Adams (R) – 36th Senate District

38.    *Senator Perry B. Clark (D) – 37th Senate District

39.    *Senator Dan Seum (R) – 38th Senate District

House Members/Candidates

1.    *Representative Steven Rudy (R) – 1st House District

2.    Michael Murphy (D) – 1st House District

3.    *Representative Gerald Watkins (D) – 3rd House District

4.    Joni Hogancamp (R) – 3rd House District

5.    *Representative Kenny Imes (R) – 5th House District

6.    *Representative Will Coursey (D) – 6th House District

7.    Paula Robinson (R) – 6th House District

8.    *Representative Suzanne Miles (R) – 7th House District

9.    Joy Gray (D) – 7th House District

10.    *Representative Jeffery Taylor (D) – 8th House District

11.    Walker Thomas (R) – 8th House District

12.    *Representative Dean Schamore (D) – 10th House District

13.    D.J. Johnson (R) – 13th House District

14.    *Representative Tommy Thompson (D) – 14th House District

15.    *Representative Brent Yonts (D) – 15th House District

16.    Melinda Prunty (R) – 15th House District

17.    *Representative Martha Jane King (D) – 16th House District

18.    Jason Petrie (R) – 16th House District

19.    *Representative Tim Moore (R) – 18th House District

20.    *Representative Michael Meredith (R) – 19th House District

21.    *Representative Jody Richards (D) – 20th House District

22.    Melinda Hill (R) – 20th House District

23.    *Representative Johnny Bell (D) – 23rd House District

24.    William Reed (R) – 24th House District

25.    *Representative Terry Mills (D) – 24th House District

26.    *Representative Jim DuPlessis (R) – 25th House District

27.    *Representative Charles Miller (D) – 28th House District

28.    Michael Payne (R) – 28th House District

29.    *Representative Kevin D. Bratcher (R) – 29th House District

30.    *Representative Tom Burch (D) – 30th House District

31.    *Representative Mary Lou Marzian (D) – 34th House District

32.    *Representative Jerry Miller (R) – 36th House District

33.    McKenzie Cantrell (D) – 38th House District

34.    *Representative Russ Meyer (D) – 39th House District

35.    Robert Gullette (R) – 39th House District

36.    *Representative Reginal Meeks (D) – 42nd House District

37.    *Representative Stan Lee (R) – 45th House District

38.    Ken Fleming (R) – 48th House District

39.  Maria Sorolis (D) – 48th House District

40.  *Representative James Tipton (R) – 53rd House District

41.  James Sargent (D) – 53rd House District

42.  *Representative Daniel Elliot (R) – 54th House District

43.  Bill Noelker (D) – 54th House District

44.  *Representative Derrick Graham (D) – 57th House District

45.  Cyndi Skellie (D) – 58th House District

46.  *Representative Chuck Tackett (D) – 62nd House District

47.  Phillip Pratt (R) – 62nd House District

48.  Lucas Deaton (D) – 64th House District

49.  *Representative Joseph M. Fischer (R) – 68th House District

50.  *Representative Adam Koenig (R) – 69th House District

51.  *Representative Sannie Overly (D) – 72nd House District

52.  *Representative Donna Mayfield (R) – 73rd House District

53.  John Hendricks (D) – 73rd House District

54.  *Representative Susan Westrom (D) – 79th House District

55.  *Representative Rita Smart (D) – 81st House District

56.  C. Wesley Morgan (R) – 81st House District

57.  *Representative Rick Nelson (D) – 87th House District

58.  *Representative Cluster Howard (D) – 91st House District

59.  *Representative John Short (D) – 92nd House District

60.  John Blanton (R) – 92nd House District

61.  Angie Hatton (D) – 94th House District

62.  Frank Justice (R) – 94th House District

63.  Larry Brown (R) – 95th House District

64.  *Representative Lew Nicholls (D) – 98th House District

65.  Danny Bentley (R) – 98th House District

*Denotes sitting legislator

About Marsy’s Law for Kentucky

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is an advocate-driven effort to incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution. Kentucky is one of only 18 states that does not provide crime victims with constitutional-level protections. To learn more, please visit