Marsy’s Law Passes Kentucky House, Heads to Voters in November


Constitutional amendment establishing crime victims’ Bill of Rights will appear on 2018 ballot

Frankfort, Ky. (January 24, 2018) – Kentucky crime victims scored another victory today thanks to the Kentucky House of Representatives. Marsy’s Law, a Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights, passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support and now heads to the voters of Kentucky in November in the form of a Constitutional Amendment.

“We are grateful to the Kentucky House for keeping the momentum of Marsy’s Law going and making clear that our state’s legislative leadership supports constitutional rights for crime victims,” said Marsy’s Law State Director Ashlea Christiansen. “We will campaign vigorously to make Marsy’s Law part of our Constitution, guaranteeing crime victims the same level of legal protection as the accused. Based on our polling and overwhelming grassroots support, we anticipate a huge victory come November!”

Marsy’s Law would amend Kentucky’s constitution to ensure equal constitutional protections for crime victims, including the right to a voice in the judicial process, the right to be present in judicial hearings and the right to be made aware of upcoming hearings or changes in their offenders’ status. 

In a recent survey, nearly 80% of Kentuckians supported amending the state constitution to ensure equal rights for crime victims. Marsy’s Law has also overwhelmingly passed via referendum in six other states, including Ohio. 

“I want to personally thank every colleague of mine in the House and the Senate for passing Marsy’s Law and moving this important legislation to the voters in November. Marsy’s Law has been my passion and I have proudly fought for the principle that crime victims deserve equal rights,” said State Senator Whitney Westerfield. “I urge Kentuckians to vote YES on Marsy’s Law in November.”

Marsy’s Law passed through the Kentucky General Assembly with overwhelming, bipartisan support, including votes of 36-1 in the Senate and 87-3 in the House. This is a tribute to the outstanding support of more than 40,000 petition signers and the more than 100 elected officials, advocacy organizations and law enforcement officials from across Kentucky. 

In November, Kentucky voters will be asked if they will support the following: “Are you in favor of providing constitutional rights to victims of crime, including the right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and the right to be informed and to have a voice in the judicial process?” If approved by the voters, Marsy’s Law will be officially added to the Kentucky constitution. 


About Marsy’s Law for Kentucky

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is an advocate-driven effort to incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution. Kentucky is one of only 14 states that do not provide crime victims with constitutional-level protections. A list of the victims’ advocates, law enforcement, and organizations that endorse Marsy’s Law can be found here. Those wishing to join the coalition can do so here. Please visit, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.