Mayor Fischer Signs Metro Council’s Unanimous Resolution Supporting Marsy’s Law

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October 25, 2017


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Mayor and Metro Council Members Join Together in Strong Support of Victims’ Rights Campaign

Louisville, Ky. (Oct. 25, 2017) – Marsy’s Law for Kentucky was honored to join Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and members of Louisville’s Metro Council as they announced their unanimous support for Marsy’s Law, a constitutional amendment that would grant constitutional level rights to victims of crime. In a press event on the steps of Metro Hall, Mayor Fischer signed the Council’s unanimous resolution in support of Marsy’s Law.  All 25 members of the Metro Council asked to be primary sponsors of the Marsy’s Law endorsement, joining more than 130 other organizations and community leaders across Kentucky that have endorsed Marsy’s Law.

“It is my privilege to sign the Metro Council’s important resolution supporting and championing Marsy’s Law,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said. “From Portland to Floyds Fork, this resolution sends a message that Louisville, in its entirety, wants equal rights for crime victims and we want it now. Marsy’s Law is compassionate, bipartisan legislation that must pass in 2018. We owe it to victims of crime in Louisville and across Kentucky.”

“Every council member asked to be a primary sponsor of Marsy’s Law because we all strongly believe victims should have the same level of rights as the accused. Our unanimous vote sends that message loud and clear,” Metro Council President David Yates said. “As someone who has spent my legal career protecting those from assault and abuse, I am proud to support Marsy’s Law along with the entire Louisville Metro Council.” 

Kentucky is one of only 15 states without constitutional-level rights for victims of crime. If adopted by Kentucky voters in November 2018, Marsy’s Law would amend Kentucky’s constitution to ensure crime victims have the right to a voice in the judicial process, the right to be present in judicial hearings and the right to be made aware of upcoming hearings or changes in their offenders’ status.

“Supporting Marsy’s Law is simply the right thing to do, and I am proud to say every one of my colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, felt the same way,” Metro Council Member Julie Denton said. “It is time Kentucky supports crime victims and affords them with the same level of protection and rights they deserve. We hope Frankfort hears us loud and clear with this unanimous vote.”

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky has the bi-partisan support of elected officials, judges, law enforcement officials and advocacy groups. Kentucky voters also strongly favor Marsy’s Law, with recent surveys showing Marsy’s law has 80% support statewide. Marsy’s Law is expected to be a priority bill for both chambers in the 2018 General Assembly.

“We are very grateful to Louisville’s council members for not only voting to support Marsy’s Law, but for every member’s eagerness to be a primary sponsor,” Marsy’s Law State Director Ashlea Christiansen said. “Metro Council has made it very clear; they believe crime victims should have constitutional rights and want Marsy’s Law to be on the ballot in 2018 for their constituents to approve.”


About Marsy’s Law for Kentucky

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is an advocate-driven effort to incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution. Kentucky is one of only 15 states that do not provide crime victims with constitutional-level protections. To learn more or if you would like to sign the petition and add your “purple pin” to the map, you can do so here. Those wishing to join the coalition can do so here. Please visit, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.