More Strong Support Rolling In For Marsy’s Law Victims’ Rights Campaign


Katherine Kington North


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Victims’ Bill of Rights has support of leading victims’ advocates, public officials and 40,000+ Kentuckians 

Louisville, Ky. (April 10, 2018) – Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, an effort supporting constitutional rights for crime victims, is proud to announce new endorsements from the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP), The Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network, The Louisville Coalition for Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (Louisville Coalition for CEDAW) and the Kentucky Foundation for Women. These organizations join hundreds of other organizations, elected officials and law enforcement in supporting Marsy’s Law. A full list of endorsements can be found here.

Marsy’s Law, which was overwhelmingly supported by both chambers of the Kentucky Legislature, was the first legislation to pass during the 2018 session. The crime victims’ Bill of Rights now heads to the voters for consideration on the November ballot. 

“Kentuckians want crime victims to have the same level of rights as the accused and convicted. Marsy’s Law provides commonsense rights that many people don’t realize crime victims currently lack. That is, until they or a loved one is victimized and thrust into the judicial system,” said Ashlea Christiansen, State Director of Marsy’s Law. “We wholeheartedly thank Kentuckians for adding their voices in support of Marsy’s Law. This is the year to give Kentucky crime victims constitutional rights.”

In addition to hundreds of prominent organizations and elected officials, more than 40,000 individual Kentuckians have also pledged their support for Marsy’s Law, as represented by the “purple pins” on the map of Kentucky.

Kentucky is one of only 16 states without constitutional-level rights for victims of crime. If adopted by Kentucky voters in November, Marsy’s Law would amend the state constitution to ensure crime victims have the right to a voice in the judicial process, the right to be present in judicial hearings and the right to be made aware of upcoming hearings or changes in their offenders’ status, among others.



About Marsy’s Law for Kentucky

Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is an advocate-driven effort to incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution. Kentucky is one of only 16 states that do not provide crime victims with constitutional-level protections. To learn more or if you would like to sign the petition and add your “purple pin” to the map, you can do so here. Those wishing to join the coalition can do so here. Please visit, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.