Treasure Valley Advocate for Victims Gets Behind Marsy’s Law for Idaho, Equal Rights for Victims


Feb. 7, 2018

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Treasure Valley Advocate for Victims Gets Behind Marsy’s Law for Idaho, Equal Rights for Victims

BOISE – A leading advocate for victims of sexual abuse and assault in the Treasure Valley has formally endorsed Marsy’s Law for Idaho and its mission of providing stronger, equal rights for victims of all violent crimes.

Leaders with FACES of Hope Foundation believe victims deserve more protection and a stronger voice and set of rights in Idaho’s legal system, said Jean Fisher, the chief operating officer at FACES and a deputy Ada County Prosecuting Attorney.

FACES of Hope Victim Center, a nonprofit based in Boise, provides a variety of services and support for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child and elder abuse, while the foundation helps in providing resources for financial planning, legal assistance, shelter, and employment assistance.

“Every day at FACES we provide the support, services, and resources that are needed by victims and their families. We understand victims, what they need to overcome crisis and be empowered to rebuild their lives,” Carolyn Holly, president of the FACES of Hope Foundation. “It’s why we can also embrace a campaign like Marsy’s Law for Idaho and its goals of providing equal rights to crime victims across Idaho.”

FACES joins other victim advocates in support of Marsy’s Law for Idaho, including the Idaho Victim Witness Association. The campaign also has the backing of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and Professional Firefighters of Idaho.

Marsy’s Law for Idaho is a proposed constitutional amendment designed to build upon the Victims’ Rights Amendment adopted by voters 24 years ago. In addition to providing additional notification for victims in cases when offenders abscond or escape from probation or parole, Marsy’s Law would give victims the right to confer with prosecutors and put victims’ rights on equal footing with those afforded defendants.

“As a prosecutor experienced in abuse cases and a longtime advocate for victims, it’s clear to me there is always more we can do to help victims,” said Fisher. “Idaho has been a leader in victims’ rights, but Marsy’s Law is critical for taking victims’ rights and protections to the next level.”