Marsy's Law at the State Capitol

During the week following the 2018 midterm elections, the Marsy’s Law for Pennsylvania field team descended upon the state Capitol to educate legislators on Marsy’s Law for PA.


The goal was to remind legislators of Marsy's Law, as well as to get the word out to our newly elected members and their staffs on balancing victims’ and defendants’ constitutional rights.


On the first day, the team had the opportunity to discuss the measure, meeting with many lawmakers including Rep. Stephen Kinsey, who was recently named to lead the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus.


The following day, discussions in the Capitol reached across the state — from legislators in southeastern Pennsylvania to nonprofit organizations in Pittsburgh. The team spoke with legislators on the eastern side of the state, including Sen. John SabatinaRep. Steve SamuelsonRep. Peter Schweyer and Rep. Maureen Madden.


The Marsy’s Law for PA team also had the opportunity to talk with White Dove Domestic Violenceservices — an organization that is providing resources and financial assistance, working to change legislation and empowering survivors to create a better future.


From the Pittsburgh area, the team talked with a representative from Jamar Place of Peace, as well as Rhona Gerber, the development director of CeaseFirePA, about Marsy’s Law. Other groups that were part of the tour included Tommy Talks PA and Moms Demand Action.


The same day, the Marsy’s Law for PA team was present as Gov. Tom Wolf thanked advocates for their ongoing support of victims of domestic violence during a ceremonial bill signing of Act 79 of 2018, the first law to take guns away from the dangerous abusers who use them to kill, terrorize and control.