Marsy’s Law for Georgia honors Rep. John Lewis for victims’ advocacy

Marsy’s Law for Georgia representative Danica Thompson presents Rep. John Lewis with the Marsy’s Law Victims’ Rights Champion Award.




Marsy’s Law for Georgia recognized U.S. Rep. John Lewis for his advocacy for the rights of crime victims and his support for Marsy’s Law. Last November, more than 80 percent of Georgia voters approved Amendment 4, Marsy’s Law, to give crime victims equal rights under the Georgia Constitution.


“When someone is the victim of a crime, they have many questions and feel as if they are alone,” said Lewis. “I feel that we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to ensure victims find a sense of safety and understand that they have the support of their community. I’m proud to support Marsy’s Law, and by adding these rights to the state constitution, Georgia took a meaningful step forward in making our communities stronger and safer.”


Lewis was an early and vocal supporter of Marsy’s Law ahead of the vote, adding to his storied career of advocating to protect the rights of others. The Marsy’s Law Victims’ Rights Champion Award honors advocates throughout the nation who have worked to advance crime victims’ rights and elevate the rights of crime victims. Lewis’ support of Marsy’s Law has continued since the vote in Georgia, and he continues to be a leading voice for the protection of victims.


“Congressman John Lewis has spent a lifetime giving a voice to the voiceless in our nation, and his support for Marsy’s Law helped give victims a voice that’s now enshrined in the Georgia Constitution,” said Erinn Mahathey, National Outreach Director for Marsy’s Law for All. “We greatly appreciate Congressman Lewis’ dedication to equal rights for all.”


Marsy’s Law amended the Georgia State Constitution to include a Bill of Rights for victims of violent crimes during criminal proceedings. The constitutional amendment received broad support and assures rights for victims, including standing to petition a court if they feel that their rights have been violated. Georgia is one of the numerous states across the country that have added Marsy’s Law to their constitutions in recent years.