Marsy’s Law for Georgia Supports the Notification Package of Criminal Record Responsibility Act

The notification package, with complete bipartisan support, will be heard in the Senate Judiciary on Tuesday, March 1.


ATLANTA - February 28, 2022 - Marsy’s Law for Georgia is proud to support Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan's Criminal Record Responsibility Act (CRRA) in an effort to create a unified, statewide notification system for victims and their families seeking justice during criminal proceedings.

Marsy’s Law for Georgia helped lead the effort to enact constitutional rights for crime victims in Georgia and continues to work with Georgia legislature and voters toward building a foundation of exercising these rights – and a core right that is enumerated – is notifying victims.

Georgia has one of the most complex criminal justice systems in America, in terms of the number of state, local, and federal government entities involved in the process. Given this, it is no surprise that Georgia has faced challenges in tying together criminal justice data sources and implementing an effective statewide automated victim notification (AVN) system. Marsy's Law for Georgia recognizes and appreciates the work that many stakeholders in the system have done so far to address this challenge.

This legislation, which is being supported by all legislators on both sides of the aisle, puts Georgia on the path toward a true statewide AVN, by both putting the State on track for consolidated criminal data and looking ahead to creating a notification system attached to it.  

"We commend Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan for recognizing the importance of this issue to crime victims," said Henry Godwin, Marsy's Law national communications advisor. "Crime victims across Georgia deserve a consistent, easy to use, and effective notification system, and this legislation is an important step in that direction. And, we thank the entire Georgia Senate for its unanimous bipartisan embrace of this work."

Marsy's Law anticipates that adequate funding will be supplied to keep this project moving forward at a fast timeline. 

The agenda for the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting can be found here. View and download a summary of the CRRA bill here.