Marsy’s Law for Ohio Presents Victims’ Rights Champion Awards



Judd Templin


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COLUMBUS, OH. (April 11, 2019) - Marsy's Law for Ohio, the organization created to pass state ballot Issue 1 in 2017 to provide Ohio Constitutional rights to crime victims, today announced it presented "Victims Rights Champion" awards to 14 instrumental Ohio leaders in recognition of their dedication to fighting for the rights of crime victims.

The Marsy's Law for Ohio state ballot initiative passed in 2017 with nearly 83% approval from Ohio voters. The Ohio legislature is currently working on implementation language to codify the initiative’s language in the Ohio Revised Code. This year’s diverse group of Victims’ Rights Champion award recipients come from all over Ohio and includes state and local elected officials, as well as organizations and individuals involved in supporting victims’ rights policy. “Marsy’s Law for Ohio is excited to present these Victims’ Rights Champion awards to true advocates of victims’ rights in Ohio,” said Erinn Mahathey, Marsy’s Law National Outreach Director. “We are appreciative of the passion, time and effort these award recipients have dedicated to our issue.”

“I am honored to receive this year’s Victims’ Rights Champion award,“ said Cathy Harper Lee, Executive Director of the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center. “I look forward to continuing to work with advocates, criminal justice officials, allied professionals, and the Ohio legislature on implementing language to protect victims’ rights,” she added.

Award recipients include:

  •  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine
  •  State Representative and Speaker Pro Tempore Jim Butler
  •  State Representative Paula Hicks-Hudson
  •  Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien
  •  Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh
  •  Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin
  •  Executive Director of the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center Cathy Harper Lee
  •  Victims’ Rights Champion Latreese Miller
  •  Victims’ Rights Champion Anna Herb
  •  Victims’ Rights Champion Ronda Blankenship
  •  Victims’ Rights Champion Danielle Morlan
  •  Victims’ Rights Champion Dani Brewer
  •  Victims’ Rights Champion Mineral City Warrior