Victims’ Voices

Larry Settle

Larry Settle wants more communication for families of victims.


Sen. Lauren Book, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, wants all victims to be treated with dignity and respect.

Governor Rick Scott : It’s time for Marsy’s Law for Florida.

Catherine believes we need smarter laws to protect victims and their families.

Eileen has worked to secure victims their rights for over 30 years.

Tiffany feels her voice has not been heard in court.

Tammy feels the process favors the accused over victims.

Leesa Sparks

Leesa Sparks Wants to Change A System That Neglected Her and Her Family


For a long time, Leesa Sparks didn’t want to be called by her given first name. She went by Rhae, because hearing “Leesa” reminded her of the voice of her attacker, a man who held her hostage and tortured her for two days.

Pat & Peyton

A Life Sentence Like No Other - Pat Tuthill's Story


Like far too many, I am a victim and survivor of a violent crime. My young daughter, Peyton, was sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered in 1999 as she was preparing to enter graduate school. My family was shattered and devastated by the senseless violence and loss of life.


Advocating For Change - Magdalena Kozikowska's Story


My name is Magdalena Kozikowska and I am a survivor of sexual assault.

For many victims of violent crime—including myself—it is very difficult to come forward and share this information. The stigma, the emotional stress, and the anxiety that comes with being a victim of sexual assault make it very difficult to talk about your experience—to put your life back together. For me, what made it possible to speak out and to get back on my feet was becoming an advocate for other victims of crime.