Victims’ Voices

Jeanette's Mother

Jeanette was nearly killed by her husband in 2017, and her family has not been kept informed and have not had their voices heard.


Domestic Violence Victim in NC

In North Carolina, victims of domestic violence do not have rights equal to those of their offender.



“You Are Forced to Be Invisible” – Kelly Vierling Fights to Fix a System that Mistreats Victims and their Families

Kelly Vierling, a Stillwater native, says she never had any doubts or concerns about the criminal justice system before tragedy struck her family. “You always just assume the system works until you are thrown into it,” she says.

Larry Settle

Larry Settle wants more communication for families of victims.


Sen. Lauren Book, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, wants all victims to be treated with dignity and respect.

Governor Rick Scott : It’s time for Marsy’s Law for Florida.

Catherine believes we need smarter laws to protect victims and their families.

Eileen has worked to secure victims their rights for over 30 years.

Tiffany feels her voice has not been heard in court.

Tammy feels the process favors the accused over victims.