What is Marsy’s Law?

Marsy’s Law ensures that victims of crime have equal, constitutional rights on the same level as those accused and convicted of crimes.

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Read updates from Marsy's Law efforts across the country.

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Leads Effort to “Go Purple” for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Landmarks across Wisconsin will be lit in purple lights joining in the national commemoration of victims’ rights as state recognizes four years of Marsy’s Law in action

Marsy’s Law for Florida Lights Florida Landmarks Purple for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

TALLAHASSEE – Next week, in recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), April 21 – 27, Marsy’s Law for Florida is lighting Florida landmarks purple to raise awareness of the importance of crime victims’ rights and to ensure Floridians are...

A Closer Look with Beth Flory, Executive Director S.A.F.E. House, Henderson, NV

 S.A.F.E. House is a community-based nonprofit organization committed to Stop Abuse in the Family Environment. Beth Flory joined S.A.F.E. House in 2009 and has served as Executive Director since 2021. Since its inception, S.A.F.E. House has provided shelter, counseling, advocacy, housing...

Marsy’s Law for Tennessee Passes On The Senate Floor

NASHVILLE, TN – Today, the Tennessee Senate passed Marsy’s Law (HJR 0094). The joint resolution will now go back through the legislature for final passage in the 2025 and 2026 legislative sessions. Marsy’s Law is a proposed constitutional amendment that ensures victims...

Q & A on Victims and Marsy’s Law for Idaho with Paige Dinger from Faces of Hope

Paige Dinger is the Executive Director of the Faces of Hope Foundation in Boise. The foundation plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit victim center through fundraising and leadership. Every year, Faces of Hope helps hundreds of...

U.S. Senate Acts to Support Crime Victims

As we close out 2023, we wanted to take note of a recent development in the U.S. Senate that bodes well for crime victims here in Idaho and the rest of the country.

Victims’ Voices

Anyone can be a victim of crime. Regardless of race, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, education level, or citizenship status, crime affects us all. Too often, in the wake of a crime, victims find they have no voice in the criminal justice system. Learn why victims of crime support Marsy’s Law, which aims to give victims the voice they deserve.

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Supporters’ Stories

Marsy's Law is a bipartisan effort, uniting legislators, law enforcement, organizations, and advocates from across the political spectrum. Learn below why so many have chosen to support equal crime victims' rights through Marsy's Law.

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