Marsy’s Law for Georgia Was Passed in 2018, but the Work Continues

"We worked hard to get this bill passed. Many long days and long nights. Countless hours... I remember many days doing multiple events, going from one end of Georgia to the other end. We worked hard. We fought the good fight." Harralyn Rawls

From the moment Marsy's Law for Georgia was first introduced in 2016, to its passage in 2018, supporters have remained passionate advocates for crime victims' rights.

Thank you to this amazing team consisting ofHarralyn Rawls, Ann Casas, Julianne Thompson, Tamiko Lowry Pugh, Kimya Motley, Latasha Renee Howard, Eric “Buzz” Brockway, and honorary team members James Rawls and Stephen Howard for pushing for the rights of crime victims in Georgia and continuing to support Marsy’s Law’s ongoing mission. 

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