Supporters’ Stories

A Closer Look at Marsy's Law in Georgia with Devyn Duncan

Devyn DuncanDevyn Duncan is the Victim Services Director for the Enotah Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office. After having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, she has been working as a victim advocate for nearly five years.

Why We Do What We Do, Featuring Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) President Alex Otte

At age 13, Alex Otte's life changed forever. At a lake in Kentucky with her family, Otte was on a jet ski when a 17-foot bass boat slammed into her at nearly 70 miles per hour. The boat operator was intoxicated. Suffering a severe brain injury, a broken neck and collarbone, a shattered jaw, a lacerated liver, two shattered femurs, and the loss of her right leg below the knee, doctors had little hope Otte would survive. However, against the odds, Otte not only survived but she has thrived. 

A Closer Look at Marsy's Law for Florida with Rebekah Morlan

Rebekah Morlan

Rebekah Morlan is a victim advocate at the Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center in Panama City, Florida. She received her Bachelor's in Human Services from Southeastern University. As an advocate, she wants to bring hope to the families she gets to work with and also wants to continue to bring awareness regarding child abuse and the need for education and prevention.


A Closer Look at Marsy's Law in Wisconsin with Bronson Stein

Bronson SteinBronson Stein is the legal advocate at Bolton Refuge House, Inc in Eau Claire, WI. He is a second-generation victim advocate and strongly believes in the mission of ending violence against women and aiding all victims of crime. Bronson is a member of the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Advisory Board and the Facilitator of the Eau Claire CCRT, a collaborative professional group designed to address the systemic response to intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Bronson lives in western Wisconsin with his family.

A Closer Look at Marsy's Law in South Dakota with Sara Krekelberg

Sara KrekelbergSara Krekelberg joined The Compass Center in June 2014 as a victim advocate. In 2020, she moved into the role of advocacy coordinator. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in sociology in 2012. Her past experience includes working with at-risk children and families. Sara enjoys being involved in many volunteer organizations and is committed to helping those in need through victim advocacy.

Liz Ortenburger: Including Survivors in Nevada

Liz OrtenburgerFor two decades, Liz Ortenburger has been fighting for the rights of women and children. Prior to joining SafeNest, which provides services for victims of domestic violence in Nevada as well as advocacy and prevention education, Ortenburger served in leadership positions at the Girl Scouts and the YMCA. In her current position as the CEO for SafeNest, Ortenburger directs her energy and passion to ending the epidemic of domestic violence.

A Closer Look with Liz Poprocki


Liz Poprocki is the Executive Director of Ohio Victim Witness Association, a Registered Advocate with Advanced Standing through the Ohio Advocate Network, a Comprehensive Credentialed Advocate through the National Advocate Credentialing Program, a member of the Ohio Crisis Response Team and is NOVA certified in crisis response. She has been active in the advocacy field for over 15 years with opportunities ranging from crime victim advocate, court liaison for rape survivors, community educator, outpatient and inpatient therapist, and advocate with Disability Rights Ohio.  

Shining The Spotlight with Dr. Emily Bonistall Postel

Pam Darnall Understands Victims Need Stronger Rights

"Victims of crime aren't always informed about the process."


A Closer Look with Phil McLendon

Phil McLendon


Phil McLendon is the owner and founder of Absolute Moving Services, LLC, located just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 2012, Absolute Moving has become one of the fastest-growing small moving businesses in the Mid South. His company has helped dozens of women and children escape from violent households. His company also collects furniture and household goods that are donated from clients and delivers them when needed to these families who are starting over. This has become a mission for Absolute Moving Services, which Phil termed #ShatterTheSilence. With over 16,000 fans and followers on his social media pages, Phil has used his platform to bring about awareness to domestic violence. He shares messages of hope, survivor stories, and some of the personal experiences his company has had with these survivors, who have become an inspiration and beacon of strength and resilience for Phil and his employees. All of Phil's moving trucks and company uniforms have a purple ribbon and custom #ShatterTheSilence logo on them, so that everywhere they go, locally and nationally, people will know what they stand for, as they bring about awareness to this issue and promote change. Phil's goal is to continue growing this mission and to establish a vast network of moving companies across the U.S. who are dedicated to helping those living in a violent household and looking for a way out. Phil's motto is "no survivor left behind" and he is committed to making himself and his resources available at no cost to anyone affected by domestic violence - no matter the time, the place, or the circumstance.