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Marsy's Law For Kentucky Launches Statewide Television Ad Campaign Ahead Of November Election

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (September 27, 2018) – Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, an organization supporting equal rights for crime victims, launched a substantial statewide television advertising campaign today encouraging voters to support the lone constitutional amendment on Kentucky’s ballot this November. The campaign includes a series of ads educating Kentuckians on the need for Marsy’s Law.

Andy Barr

Congressman Andy Barr Endorses Marsy's Law for Kentucky

Katherine Kington North



Barr encourages voters to support constitutional amendment for crime victims’ rights


Lexington, Ky. (May 15, 2018) – Marsy’s Law for Kentucky is proud to receive the endorsement of Congressman Andy Barr (KY-06) as the constitutional amendment heads to the voters in November. Congressman Barr joins hundreds of other individual and group endorsers to support Marsy’s Law, as it will protect victims of crime throughout the Commonwealth.

Lauren Book

Marsy’s Law for Florida Releases Statewide “Yes on Amendment 6” Ad Campaign Featuring Lauren Book

Appealing to voters from the perspective of a survivor of child sexual abuse, a new “Yes on Amendment 6” ad featuring Lauren Book is now running across Florida. The new ad is part of a major statewide broadcast, cable and digital advertising campaign asking voters to support Amendment 6, which would place clear, enforceable rights for crime victims in the state constitution. The campaign has been launched by Marsy’s Law for Florida, a group that has been advocating for rights for crime victims that are equal to those already provided to the accused and convicted.


The Bipartisan Amendment: Victims' Rights


The official start to election season is right around the corner as summer comes to an end. And this year in North Carolina, the talk isn’t about a candidate; it’s not about legislative elections or even county candidates. This year in North Carolina, the coverage is focused on a slate of six constitutional amendments that will be on the November ballot. 


Oklahoma Medical Community United Behind SQ 794


We’re proud to have the support of Oklahoma’s medical community, who believes the proposed Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights helps Oklahomans during a crisis.

Jodi Lopresto, member for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma, supports SQ 794.


Jodi Lopresto, an active member and advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma (MADD), recently shared why she supports State Question 794.