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Iowans Support Marsy's Law

Statewide polling has shown just how much Iowans support Marsy's Law for Iowa. In fact, 85 percent of Iowans support updating the state Constitution to ensure equal rights for crime victims. Even in the polarized political environment that exists today, putting victims’ rights into Iowa’s constitution enjoys huge bipartisan support. 


Keeping Our Promise to Crime Victims and Building on the Success of SQ 794

Last November, Oklahoma voters passed State Question 794, establishing stronger Constitutional rights for victims of crime. The Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma team was proud to be a part of that great win for victims and their families. Our work, however, didn’t end in November.

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SmartTalk WITF: Why Do Crime Victims Need an Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution?

In 1998, the Pennsylvania Crime Victims Act was passed to create statutory rights for victims.


However, over the past two decades, it has become clear that statutory rights are insufficient and illusory because, if the rights are violated, there is no recourse for a victim. Victims deserve to have constitutional protections, just as those who are accused and convicted do.

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Lawmakers announce next steps for Marsy’s Law

Measure to provide equal constitutional protections for crime victims, which was approved unanimously in 2018, enters second legislative session

Advocates Cite Milestone Year’ for Marsy’s Law, Hoping Supreme Court Upholds Voters


Via Ky Forward:

2018 was a milestone year for crime victims’ rights in Kentucky thanks to courageous legislators, determined advocates and hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. Marsy’s Law was the first bill to pass in the General Assembly and then went to the ballot winning support from 63% of Kentucky voters.


Big Victories for Victims' Rights in 2019

2019 has brought a whirlwind of activity for Marsy's Law for Wisconsin's grassroots coalition. For all of you that have been following along with our efforts to strengthen the rights of Wisconsin crime victims, you'll know that this was a big month for our bipartisan legislation, and January has brought some huge successes – but also a small disappointment.