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Oklahoma Medical Community United Behind SQ 794


We’re proud to have the support of Oklahoma’s medical community, who believes the proposed Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights helps Oklahomans during a crisis.

Jodi Lopresto, member for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma, supports SQ 794.


Jodi Lopresto, an active member and advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma (MADD), recently shared why she supports State Question 794. 

A Busy Summer

We have spent the past few months meeting with Iowans, hearing heart-wrenching stories from crime victims, gaining new supporters and volunteers and visiting small towns and cities across the state.

York County

York County comes together on domestic violence 'epidemic'


Imagine a childhood virus that is known to knock 20 years off of your life expectancy. Everyone from health care experts to legislators and social service agencies would be hard at work looking for preventions and cures for this public health hazard. Why don’t we look at violence and its victims the same way?

Kelly V.

Fixing A Broken Process - Kelly Vierling


Kelly Vierling is an Oklahoman touched by crime, who believes that if the reforms proposed in State Question 794 would have been in place, her experience with the criminal justice system would have been very different.  When her son was shot and killed at a party, she learned there wasn’t the right support system for victims and their families


Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma Team Seeks Opportunities to Speak with Community Organizations

We’ve been busy connecting with supporters across Oklahoma who are committed to expanding crime victims’ rights through passage of State Question 794. We recently joined with members of the faith community and local leaders from Tulsa to Lawton, and it’s clear that energy for this movement remains strong.