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Day of Action

In celebration of National Make a Difference Day, Marsy’s Law for Florida, the organization advocating for crime victims’ rights through Amendment 6, will spearhead a “Day of Action” on Saturday, October 27, where supporters and volunteers will lead advocacy efforts across all 67 Florida counties, from hurricane relief efforts and bakery giveaways to community festivals and voter education.

Mother of Drunk Driving Victim Supports Amendment 6

Linda Beni's daughter, Brittany, was killed by a drunk driver. Linda published an opinion-editorial in the Fort Myers News-Press detailing her support for Marsy's Law titled "Amendment 6 protects victims like my daughter." Read the full article here.

KNPR State of Nevada: Marsy's Law Advocates Say Nevada Needs Expanded Rights For Victims

IMPORTANT Marsy's Law Update

Thank you for your strong and unwavering support of equal rights for Kentucky crime victims. Without you, Marsy’s Law for Kentucky would not be so close to the finish line.

Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma Launches Digital Campaign Featuring Crime Victims and Advocates

OKLAHOMA CITY – Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma and the Yes on State Question 794 campaign today launched a series of social media videos highlighting support from crime victims and advocates for SQ 794, a provision on the November 6 ballot. If passed, an enhanced set of crime victims’ rights would be added to the Oklahoma Constitution.

awareness month

Marsy's Law Marks National Campus Safety Awareness Month with Tele-Townhall

According the the U.S. Department of Education, a 2016 survey of more than 6,500 colleges and universities across the country showed that there were 37,389 reported criminal offenses on campuses. Crime is a major problem at our nation’s schools, and that is why in 2008 Congress unanimously approved the creation of National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM), which is celebrated every September.