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Supporting Crime Victims Starts With Giving Them a Voice


When a crime occurs, there is often no telling how long it will take for the victims to see justice. Some trials take months, and some take years. But no matter how long the criminal justice process takes, the trauma experienced by crime victims and their families doesn’t end when the perpetrator is sent to prison. Victims and their families can see lifelong physical, emotional, psychological and financial impacts as a result of crime.

Philadelphia City Council Votes in Favor of Resolution Related to Victims’ Rights

PHILADELPHIA [June 21, 2018] -- Today, the Philadelphia City Council voted in favor of a resolution commending the Pennsylvania General Assembly for working in a bipartisan manner to address victims’ rights.

North Carolina Victims Deserve A Vote For Marsy's Law


Members of the North Carolina General Assembly are working through the 2018 legislative session, wrapping up work on various budget issues and taking up policy issues facing the state. One important policy issue the legislature is considering includes a constitutional amendment to strengthen victims’ rights - called Marsy’s Law.

New Marsy’s Law for North Carolina website

The Marsy’s Law for North Carolina campaign continues to build a following statewide – including with its active social and digital media networks. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, the MLNC team has covered the state with images of elected officials, law enforcement, and voters supporting the need to strengthen victims’ rights in the state constitution to give victims of crime equal rights that the accused and convicted already have.


What Does State Question 794 Do (And Not Do)?


As November approaches, it’s important to know what State Question 794 does and what it does not do.

Victims' Rights

The Reality of the Victims' Rights Movement


The victims’ rights movement is gaining momentum across the country with five states this fall set to vote on strengthening victims’ rights in their state constitutions. The legislation - known as Marsy’s Law - originally passed in California in 2008 followed by Illinois and the Dakotas. Last fall, it also passed overwhelmingly in Ohio.