Supporters’ Stories

Marsy's Law for Iowa Supports National Crime Victims' Rights Week


Right Vs. Wrong - Marsy's Law for Georgia


Ashlee Birk talks about why Idaho needs comprehensive crime victims' rights


Florida Governor Rick Scott endorses Marsy's Law


Kyle Leach explains why victims need Marsy's Law for NC


Former D.A. Willoughby knows victims deserve to have their voice heard


Justice Orr believes victims deserve fundamental equal rights


Attorney General Mike DeWine Supports Marsy's Law for Ohio

"It's time we do something to ensure our criminal justice system is truly balanced."


Former Federal Prosecutor Lynn Crooks for Marsy's Law for North Dakota

“In North Dakota, criminals have rights protected by the constitution, but their victims do not - that’s just wrong."


Sheriff Pat Heinert Supports Marsy's Law for North Dakota

“I’ve seen innocent people devastated by crime. And when victims are denied equal rights, they are too often revictimized and that’s wrong.”