Supporters’ Stories

Montgomery County Sheriff Chris Watkins Understands First Hand Why Victims of Crime in North Carolina Need Equal Rights


Kit Gruelle Knows Victims Deserve Equal Treatment Across North Carolina

“Marsy’s Law is going to basically remind everybody in the system how important that process is of helping someone heal after they have experienced victimization.”


Mayor Alvarez: “Victims have been treated more like the criminal than the criminal themselves.”


Bea Coté Understands the Need for Equal Crime Victims’ Rights

As a social worker for domestic violence offenders, Bea Coté understands first-hand the need for equal crime victims’ rights. The North Carolina Crime Victims Amendment would ensure that victims of crime have meaningful and enforceable constitutional rights within the criminal justice system.


Support Crime Victims in Wisconsin with Marsy's Law

“Everybody can name a criminal’s basic rights but when asked what rights a victim has, I don’t even think anybody would be able to say what those are…”


Marsy's Law for Pennsylvania to Balance the Scale


Marsy's Law for Oklahoma - The Right Thing To Do


Marsy's Law for North Carolina - A Real Solution


Marsy's Law for New Hampshire brings equal rights to crime victims


Vote Yes on 1 Nevada - Equal Rights for Crime Victims